Filtration, plumbing, heating

Our central focus is health and protecting your investments. The health of all systems: filtration, plumbing and heating. As well as, the health of homes, businesses and the people within them.

Water Filtration

We have the capability of diagnosing and installing water treatment systems for a wide range of applications: point of entry i.e. whole house filtration, point of usage i.e. drinking water, commercial application and much more..
Whole house filtration

Installation of a brand-new point-of-entry water filtration system. Providing your household with fresh, clean and purified water to clean, cook and bathe with in confidence.

Reverse Osmosis

Installation of a brand-new point-of-usage water filtration system. Quenching your thirst and leaving you satisfied with each and every drink. Purifying your water and removing harmful chemicals, while balancing the pH and re-mineralizing for optimal hydration

Other Filtration options

Other Filtration options to protect and increase the longevity of heating equipment like boilers, water heaters and heat exchangers.


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New Construction

Designing and masterminding the entire plumbing system. Fulfilling all the plumbing needs of a specific construction project. Collaborate effort with builders and homeowners to create an efficient system.


Working with homeowners to design their ideal plumbing system for a kitchen, bathroom or home project.

Maintenance and Repairs

Ability to fix the little things that make a big difference. From a leaking faucet to a busted pipe you can rely on us for quality service.


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New Construction

Designing and masterminding mechanical systems to heat and perform at the highest efficiency possible. Using cutting-edge technology to create reliable and sustainable heat for your home.


Reimagining and redesigning mechanical systems to run more efficiently with upgraded equipment. Helping homeowners get the most out of their new investment with professionalism and expertise.

Maintenance and Repairs

Resolving heating issues that can be challenging and tricky at first glance. Through years of experience and thorough research we provide excellent service to take the guess work out of it. Preventative maintenance is the name of the game and that’s why we provide annual maintenance for all mechanical systems.

I needed a new water heater immediately. With 6 people in the house, we couldn’t wait. I called Prolific Water Systems and they purchased a water heater, brought it to my house, installed it and disposed of the old one. This was done the same day I called. I was very grateful for the good service and prompt solution to my problem. I would recommend them to anyone needing their services.
Meredith, R

January 19, 2018

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We have the capability of diagnosing and installing water treatment systems and for new construction, re-model, and service for both plumbing and heating systems.